If you want to add additional integrations at any time, you can head to the integrations tab.
  • Go to settings by clicking on the top right settings icon
  • Go to the integrations tab
  • Connect Discord or Twitter
To connect Twitter:
  • Open a new tab and log into the twitter account you want to connect
  • Wait a couple minutes for Twitter data to populate, this should be pretty quick!
To connect Discord:
  • To get connected successfully, you will need admin access for your server / guild. You also may need your 2FA handy, as most servers have this set up.
  • Click connect on Discord, and log in
  • Once you get connected, a loading page will come up and may persist for up to 20 mins! Our system is hard at work pulling in the last 2 weeks of data, so you can start getting value from Blaze right away.
  • Leave the tab open while your Discord data processes.
  • We'll email you when everything is ready to go
You can reach out to us in Discord if you have any issues: