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For Consumer Brands

Blaze helps consumer enterprises that have launched a web3 strategy leverage on-chain data to learn more about their users, and better target them with personalized content based on their interest. We also help enterprise measure KPIs for web3 strategies, with off the shelf metrics such as primary and royalty revenues, transaction volume, holder demographics, and floor prices.
With respect to holder demographics and user insights, Blaze automatically categorize users based on on chain activity and attribute labels at a wallet and user level. For example, a wallet which has recently been set up on a custodial exchange might be labelled "new to crypto", while a wallet which has a ton of sports-related NFTs might be labelled "sports fan".
Through the Blaze API, we can send these labels that describe any wallets interests into your traditional CRM and marketing automation tools, or enable you to query any wallet's set of labels in real-time so you can personalize product experiences more effectively.