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For Web3

Many Web3 companies use Discord to bring their community of users together.
Community also allows users to learn more about the project, access support easily, connect with like-minded people, as well as easily give feedback on products as they are being developed.
Many Web3 companies plan to decentralize, or give some ownership of their products to users via tokens, and need a committed group of users to contribute to the protocol after that happens. This means a community platform is also required to co-ordinate logistics of decentralized work.
We help Web3 companies:
  • Establish community growth and engagement KPIs
  • Tie community engagement to on chain data and segment users based on both types of activity
  • Discover new potential customers and projects with high overlap.
  • Analyze standalone wallet data to profile users
  • Keep track of member contributions, so incentives or rewards can be distributed
  • Measure the impact of marketing and community campaigns
  • Identify potential ambassadors
  • Identify disengaged users to reach out to to re-engage
  • Identify product testers and solicit product feedback
  • Streamline support workflows and identify gaps in documentation
  • Monitor community sentiment
Check out our wallet analytics features for more info: