Our features

Measure and report on KPIs

Blaze makes it super easy to establish, measure and report on community KPIs. We help you measure growth metrics like new community members and retention. We also help you keep track of engagement and sentiment.

Evaluate organic marketing campaigns

Once you have defined your preferred KPIs and growth goals, we can help you measure the performance of your Discord and Twitter campaigns. We make it easy for you to understand which kind of organic content and engagement strategies performs better and lead to the outcomes you are looking for.

Manage and segment your users and community members

Blaze helps you understand community member contributions to help you more easily identify evangelists, users who may be struggling, as well as those having a poor experience with your product and are at risk of churning.

Create campaigns using AI

We also help you keep your users more engaged through scheduling tweets and helping you generate content using AI.

Extract user feedback with topics and word clouds

We also help you monitor your community sentiment, so you can proactively address any concerns and can convert your users into evangelists!
To check out a 2 minute intro video head to the "What we do" tab linked below.