Pricing Plans

Tip: We offer a two week free trial of our Base plan, please contact us if you are interested in the plus or premium plan.
Which plan should I go for?
We offer three different plans, with access to different functionality. These are the Base Plan, the Plus Plan and the Premium Plan.
Base plan: If you only have one Discord server and Twitter account, do not need to look back at metrics beyond the last few weeks, and have a small team who need access, the Base Plan might meet all your needs.
Plus plan: If you want to connect the social activity of your community to transaction data, want to look at more historical data, or need more than 2 user seats, then the Plus Plan works great.
Premium plan: If you have multiple Discord servers that you manage, need API access or SSO, or are an agency, the Premium Plan may be your most bet.


Base plan
Plus plan
Premium plan
Monthly Price
$49/m monthly plan $39/m annual plan
$299/m monthly plan $224/m annual plan
​Contact us​
2 users (1 admin, 1 collaborator)
10 users (1 admin, 9 collaborators)
Volume of historical data backfilled
30 day data backfill
Max 2 integrations
1 Discord, 1 Twitter
Max 6 integrations 1 Discord, 5 Twitters Includes Blockchain data
No max Volume based pricing Includes Blockchain data
Basic support in Blaze Discord channel
Premium support and dedicated customer success rep. 2h guaranteed response during work hours PST.
Premium support and dedicated customer success rep. 2h guaranteed response during work hours PST.
Discord features:
  • Discord engagement metrics
  • Discord growth metrics
  • Discord member analytics
  • Segmentation based on Discord data
  • Campaign analytics
  • Discord sentiment analysis
  • Discord message topic detection (from predefined topics)
  • Discord message word clouds
  • Discord message explorer
  • Discord trend explorer
  • Automated daily reports
Twitter feature:
  • Top tweets
  • Tweet engagement metrics
  • Twitter growth metrics
  • Twitter follower analytics
All Base plan features. Additional features:
  • Custom topics
  • Identity resolution of users across Twitter, Discord and wallets
  • Community member wallet insights
All Plus plan features.
Additional features:
  • SSO
  • API access