Use Social Search to find leads in real time

You can use social search to find new users based on their activity on Twitter or LinkedIn
To get started with creating a lead list:
Create a signal
Click on create signal at the top right of the page. Select the platform that you would like to find posts on to extract leads. Add filters and create a signal. Refer to the Twitter and Linkedin specific articles below for detailed explanation of each filter type.
Select posts/tweets
Based on the filters added in the previous step, the most recent tweets/posts will be collected in a table. You can go through each post to check for relevancy or filter by metrics such as author or engagement. Once you have selected the tweets/posts, create a segment.
LinkedIn posts might take a while to load. You will receive a notification when the signal is ready.
Create segment
Choose between authors only or all engaged accounts to generate a segment. Note that creating a segment with authors only will return much fewer results.
Once you have created the segment, it will show up under saved segments in the Twitter/Linkedin tab.
Editing a Signal
Click on the edit button next to the signal query on the view signal page. Now, you can edit the filters and tweak the results of your signal. Note that platforms cannot be changed on editing a signal.