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Send email campaigns with Blaze

You can send mass email campaigns from Blaze by connecting your SendGrid account and using the Blaze Lead Generation feature to find email prospects based on their Twitter/LinkedIn profile.
Steps to connect your Sendgrid profile to Blaze:
  • Go to the Integrations section in the top right settings page on the Blaze platform.
  • Click on connect sendgrid. Follow the on screen instructions to setup your email.
  • You will be prompted to enter an API key to setup your account. Enter the sender’s email and full name and verify your domain to setup the integration.
Once you have setup the integration, go to the email campaigns section under Automations on the nav bar.
Create an email segment from the lead generation table or upload an email segment on the Segments page before you start a campaign.
Create a Template
Click on new email template to create a new email. Add subject and the email content and click on save when you’re done.
Start Campaign
Go to the email campaigns page on the nav bar to start the campaign. Select the segment and template to broadcast the emails. You can now view analytics of the number of emails sent, bounced and responded to on the campaign page.
Ensure that the right email account is selected for sending at the top left of the screen before starting a campaign
Email campaigns